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Rock, R&B, Motown, Blues, Swing, Standards and Top 40 favorites from the 60s to present.

Customize the band to YOUR needs:  Duo, Trio, 4- or 5-piece, or 8-piece with the Slammin' Horns. From back-yard parties to formals, from outdoor festivals to weddings, from fundraisers to corporate galas...we’ve got your specific audience and your unique needs in mind.

How do we do it?

We hire only the most skilled and versatile musicians -- those with a primary goal of making sure you and your guests have the time of your lives. That means we‘ll talk with you to design your dream show, and then flex in real time to accommodate your audience.

We have simple criteria, really:  Deliver a high-caliber entertainment experience with irresistible dance music, for fun that’s both inevitable and unforgettable.